January 2009  
One Last Time: How to Plan a Babymoon
by Cameron Walker

Escaping on one last vacation before giving birth should be a rite of passage for all expecting couples. Here's how to make it happen.

Even before I was pregnant, I always imagined taking one final pre-baby trip with my husband—a last hurrah kind of adventure where we'd explore far-flung destinations; gaze on stunning, remote vistas; and dine on new, exotic dishes—and then, years later, tell our child, "You were there when…"

But my hope of heading to Iceland during my first trimester suddenly started looking less attractive as my days quickly became consumed by mini-coma three-hour naps and a steady diet of baked potatoes and toast. I mean, why go exotic (and expensive) if I was just going to spend most of my time napping in hotel rooms or hunting out bland food. Besides, all the things I really wanted to do in Iceland—riding horses, taking long trail runs through the mountains, basking in natural hot springs—suddenly became much less feasible.


And so, planning this last outing started to feel like plotting a vacation for a stranger. Will the me that's five months pregnant want to hike? Sit by the pool? Eat out at restaurants? Or will she still be searching for that elusive baked potato?

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