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National Parks
High Country Rescue
Fungus and beetles threaten to topple the remarkable whitebark pine. Can tree enthusiasts help the species before it's too late?

Cancer Today
Cancer Comes Out
Members of the LGBT community may be at greater risk for some types of cancer.And those with cancer face challenges getting the support and care they need.

National Parks
Landscape Poetry
Artist Tom Killion has spent more than 40 years translating his love of the natural world into intricate, Japanese-style prints.

National Parks
A Penny for Your Thoughts
Do pretty pictures help people donate? Research shows photos of park threats may raise money faster.

Psyche and the Seashore
Why do we love--or fear--the ocean?


I'm a freelance writer based on California's Central Coast. I write about science, travel and curiosities of the Pacific Coast for magazines, newspapers and websites. This year, my essay "The Sadness of Solving a Mystery" won an award from the American Society of Journalists & Authors.

I've covered everything from the economics of New Zealand's fisheries to the physics of stone skipping to quirky ski-town cocktails. I particularly like writing profiles. A few favorites: a group of Buddhist monks living near Mt. Shasta; an ornithologist who releases woodpeckers with a Star Trek quote; and a marathon swimmer who fuels his long-distance river swims with Slovenian wine.

I'm so happy to be a part of several terrific groups of writers and editors. I blog with a wonderful crew at The Last Word On Nothing. (One of my posts won an award from the American Institute of Physics.) I've got an essay in a new collection by California writers. And since 2005, I've been a member of SciLance, a tight-knit writers' collective that's produced a comprehensive guide to writing about science:
The Science Writers' Handbook.

Please contact me for print versions of stories. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter.